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48 Hours Left in the Renaine Kickstarter!

Posted by squidly - May 2nd, 2018


As a lot of you know, the Renaine Kickstarter is going strong! We're down to 48 hours left, and we're trying to get that last big push out.

What? You didn't know? Okay, so, I actually DID intend to make a newspost right when the KS started, and I THOUGHT I did, and it may sound stupid but I actually thought the post I had about the last KS was about the current one because I'm a moron. Anyways, noticed that too late, decided to not post my once in a 14 days Front Page post in the middle of the KS, and... Here we are! It's almost over, and a very hefty amount of the donations have come from Newgrounds.

So first off, thank you! You know me, NG is my home, I wish I was more active but at the end of the day this will always be my place. If Renaine works out, I never intend to leave like some others have, because we're family dammit and I sure as hell love every one of you. Especially Tom, he's kinda cute.

Anyways, well, 48 hours left. Honestly, when all is said and done and I get some lump sum delivered to make my dream a reality, that's still not the end of the ride. There's so much still to do with Renaine, because, you know, this game is my baby, and I sure as hell want to make it the best damn baby possible.

I have posted three seperate demoes on Newgrounds with wildly different amounts of progress until finally, damn finally, it worked out. That is, I repeat, one failed greenlight attempt, one failed Kickstarter, and FINALLY it worked out on attempt #3.

It's been a long journey, and it keeps going, the journey aint' over. There's still at least another year's worth of work to do with this game. I'll keep every single on of you posted while it happens. I want to come back here one day and just get on top of the NG tank and yell "Look guys, I finally did it!" But there's gonna be a long trip between here and there.

Well, that's what it is. Sorry this post wasn't as PR-Clean as everything else I've posted, it really is a ramble, but I dunno, man, I dunno. You guys, you don't need PR Clean, you know how it is, that's what Newgrounds always has been - a place where people know how it is. A creator can get emotional. We don't HAVE to clean it up, we can just *be.*

Renaine is on Kickstarter until Friday, May 5th, at 2:05 PM. I appreciate your support, and I love all of you guys.



Comments (2)

That's sick man! Congrats on the kickstarter and I love the spritework and colors! Looks very fun

Good luck with the rest of the kickstarter man.
And I'm curious whatever happened with authentic octopus game?
Keep up the great work and stay awesome.