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Oh man I really can't wait!

I just love how his big grin fades away in like 3 frames

I just love how the camera goes haywire when you're tossed forward. So many tiny animation details here that really sell all 7 seconds of this. I've watched this loop more times than I care to admit, gj Brandy!

BrandyBuizel responds:

Seriously, thanks so much dood <3

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Needs more hidden cock machine bits that fly out of bots when they die imo

It's honestly so frickin' refreshing to see a proper Newgrounds Game comin in with style. The art and music and just the sheer amount of people working on this game like some really big collab really sells it. This is what NG is all about and I'm here for it.

Didn't NG used to have a save loading API? Tried loading this on Mobile and was sad to see my save data didn't carry over.

Thanks for realizing Mike's worst nightmare - more Flash games as a result of Ruffle existing.

Can't wait for Drop Cannon 2!

TomFulp responds:

Oh man... I probably could get save files working via the API for registered users... I might take a stab at that.

I'm actually hoping to stick Drop Cannon in the arcade in Nightmare Cops at some point, so people could play it on console! Will need to update the shooting for analog sticks.

How'd you even make this online Geo you absolute madman. I'm so impressed with how much everyone involved with this project went so all out!

BrandyBuizel responds:

Magic, heroku, and tips from Austin East

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Is that a hint of the handbag loop at the end?

God, this is actually incredible. You made a whole ass EP for this that perfectly captures the spirit of classic NG. It feels like something you'd hear back then but also sounds uniquely modern.

Good work, man, I can't wait to see where you go next.

ARAMort responds:

I think for something to be a hint it has to be subtle lol
The thing you said about it feeling like something from way back with a modern edge is super reaffirming man, because that's exactly what I was going for.

I have never heard a song where every single note, every single word, has as much pure raw emotion as this piece. This is the single greatest piece of music you have ever made, and you make a loot of good music.

The part at 3:40 is absolute shivers down my spine emotional in a way that nothing else on this portal has ever made me feel.

hauntingly beautiful

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I actually quite like this smaller scale more limited color art, really shows your range as a pixel artist imo

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Oh thanks. I really make things small while I take it easy when I'm ill.

I dunno how I missed this one (didn't get a notification for it... somehow) but this is INCREDIBLE


So much detail here, honored to be included!


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