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Thank you for everything, Weebl, you are a massive part of why Flash was what it was.

This is genuinely one of the best compilations on Newgrounds. Was always a fan of your work, and honestly seeing it back to back like this reminds me of a quick comedy sketch series sorta like Robot Chicken or something and it's perfect.

You're an extremely talented comedian. Keep doing what you're doing. I can easily see you making it really big one day.

Wow I legit did not see that coming

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It's honestly so frickin' refreshing to see a proper Newgrounds Game comin in with style. The art and music and just the sheer amount of people working on this game like some really big collab really sells it. This is what NG is all about and I'm here for it.

Didn't NG used to have a save loading API? Tried loading this on Mobile and was sad to see my save data didn't carry over.

Thanks for realizing Mike's worst nightmare - more Flash games as a result of Ruffle existing.

Can't wait for Drop Cannon 2!

TomFulp responds:

Oh man... I probably could get save files working via the API for registered users... I might take a stab at that.

I'm actually hoping to stick Drop Cannon in the arcade in Nightmare Cops at some point, so people could play it on console! Will need to update the shooting for analog sticks.

How'd you even make this online Geo you absolute madman. I'm so impressed with how much everyone involved with this project went so all out!

BrandyBuizel responds:

Magic, heroku, and tips from Austin East

That was the best 5 minutes of my life. Claymation is one of my favorite animation styles and I absolutely am in love with literally every single little animation touch in this game. The puzzles are short and sweet and this really feels like the true essence of cute little experimental web games at its best.

Thank you.

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I have never heard a song where every single note, every single word, has as much pure raw emotion as this piece. This is the single greatest piece of music you have ever made, and you make a loot of good music.

The part at 3:40 is absolute shivers down my spine emotional in a way that nothing else on this portal has ever made me feel.

hauntingly beautiful

First time listening to this podcast, it's a very insightful discussion, and once you get those tiny production quirks knocked out I think this'll be really incredible :D

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Yea, you're definitely my favorite person

MANUNAM responds:

Such a great honor, thank you! Your work is truly inspiring!

This is really cool and well posed!

Top right 👀

Excellent mimicking of the OG Smash box arts, one of my favorite box arts ever, you matched the style perfectly!


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