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Big News!

Posted by squidly - September 11th, 2018

Lemme give you a scenario.

A year ago I was preparing for a KS that would ultimately fail. It would end up really being a train wreck, every mistake you could possible make, we did.

A year later, I now have a publishing deal and am porting to the Nintendo Switch in six languages. I'm going to show Renaine at Tokyo Game Show to an entire new audience in a country I have always dreamed of visiting since I was extremely young.

BE stubborn. Remember that you have it in you. I'm nothing special, there are better coders, I'm just persistent af. If I'd quit on the first Kickstarter failing, nothing you see here would've happened.

Follow your dreams.

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Comments (12)

Wow! That's seriously amazing!!! But make sure to make the platforming a bit less sensitive. Though I guess if you've got a deal you most likely have fixed that already, or are planning to.

That is a super inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.

So happy to see you making it! When you're standing on the floor at Tokyo Game Show, take a minute to enjoy how far you've come so far.

Tom I gotta tell ya, it's been a goal of mine ever since I read your NG bio. I want that "I am here" moment. "The Tokyo Game Show was beyond a dream, though. It was an impossibility; a foreign land where the games are released long before coming to America. To have gone from TGS being beyond a dream, to standing in front of our own booth there, was truly... A defining moment of my life."

I can't wait to realize that dream.

Thanks for sharing your story and looking forward to the game man! :D

Keep it up! I'm sure it is just another step for your dream.

congrats on winning this cool nintendo deal!
you definitely deserve it, and you've earned this fame+recognition with your great game's idea, with your excellent coding skills, and with your persistence...

i thank you for your true and positive message, and i agree: we must always persist in order to fulfill our dreams, for if we give up, things will be lost...
we must always work hard+persist, and we will get there.

i have a very interesting game idea, but i need a skilled coder to help me...
let me know if you're interested.

anyway, congrats for winning this great deal, and keep making awesome games!
you are my hero.

If you have an interesting game idea and want to make it happen, learn to code.


It's really awesome to see your persistence pay off..At the risk of sounding really corny,.. I'm super proud of you.

Love ya man, your work has always been and will always be an inspiration :D

@chris-the-stick2 @squidly That is sage advice.

See ya at the TGS. And congrats again - enjoy the sights for now, but remember; you can do even more awesome stuff next time you put your mind to it.

I'd love to see a fellow Newgrounder there, our booth is 9-A24!

Now that's what I call inspiring. The demo is great and I can't wait for the full game.

why can't all of your games have a editor?