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Fetal Fury - Out Now! (jam edition)

Posted by squidly - April 27th, 2021

Fetal Fury - You got 1 minute to blast through your insides in non-stop furious action. Kick your mom's ass and beg for forgiveness!

A game by me, @Spazkid, @JohnnyGuy, and @JohnnyUtah!

Basically a week ago I was feelin bummed out bout not releasing any games in a while, and Spazkid had just followed me after my NG Supporter tweet blew up, so I decided to hit em' up about doing a game. I really wanted to do a super Newgrounds-ey thing, like, something right outta the front page circa 2007. You know when Tom used to hire a bunch of guys to make games on NG and they pumped out the really high quality shit? And everyone was on super turbo mode outside of that too, just making classic after classic? Yea, that. I also wasn't feelin really challenged as a programmer recently, like, imo, after the last several years I firmly believe I've become a pretty frickin' competent 2D games programmer and I was like aight we can do whatever the fuck we want and I'll make it possible.

So we went ham.


Like, really. Honestly I wasn't sold on this idea. I thought people were gonna judge me cause, yanno, I've been workin on Renaine for four years and it's very much not this. Renaine is very much E10+ while this is very much T/M rated, yanno? I'm not Edmund McMillen with no restraints. I'm stupidly unapologetically leftist and I know a lotta people are gonna look at me a bit different after this. Uh, hope I don't get cancelled for this in a couple years or somethin. It's really not that bad.

But anyways, yea, we did this game. It's pretty inappropriate. And it's also really frickin' hilarious.

It REALLY took a lot outta us. Yanno, Spazkid is like, on this shit sunrise to sunset straight. I haven't been on that mode since PAX East's/other events where I gotta clean up a demo. He was tellin me about how much he does for Nightmare Cops and how many animations don't/can't see the light of day and I was tellin him about how much I'm gonna basically not make that happen here.

I went HARD.


I am fasting for Ramadan, man, sunrise to sunset it's no food no water, and I'm out here putting in 32 hours of programming over the last 3 days (I wasn't able to work most of Saturday or else it'd have been even higher) including practically 24 hours straight between Saturday and Sunday. I had a 6 1/2 hour stream that went until 3am and I thought I was done, man, but I wasn't. I just ate before sunrise, took a 4 hour nap, and got right back into it working my ass off until 9pm (jam deadline,) then working an extra hour 1/2 setting up the submission page and this swanky ass trailer. Like 50% of the game was done between Saturday Night/Sunday. All the sound effects programming took like 1 hour of furious implementation. Spaz sent me the ghost enemy as, like, something for the NG version down the line but 4 hours before launch I just went hard and I added it in 30 minutes. I was frickin' wildin, man. This entire time I'm out here coaching people on game jamming, too, like, this is Spaz's first jam, never used Aseprite, he learned quick but yea. Meanwhile I'm sending lines to JohnnyGuy and talkin' bout tiles with Johnny Jeff and basically was a producer for this whole thing on top of that programming. Brutal lol.

I made this trailer just on some serious exhaustion-hyper-focus thing. Also 30 minutes. Just pure condensed "what did I learn in the last 4 years of doin this PR shit for Renaine"-level distillation. I was going HARD.

Anyways, we didn't release this on NG yet cause we wanna actually polish it up. Maybe call it Fetal Fury Redux or something. Oh, about that name. Spaz was sending me files with the words Midwomb Massacre and I was like, yanno, I'm still pretty iffy on this whole thing, let's not go for that. So I was thinking of Fatal Fury and, yea, Fetal Fury was born. It's a very arcade-ey game so it fits.

Anyways, yea, I made a video game finally. After, like, 3 years since my last jam or so. And my first non-pixel art game in literally forever. I hope when we finish this game, it'll really be able to rep the classic NG scene, really be a blast to the past for some people and a return to form. It's kinda weird saying that because, well, I was never really a part of that, right? I wasn't a famous flash creator. My only decently sized game was Second Wind. I honestly do feel like I missed out, I mean, I'm 26 now. When's the last time I contributed anything worth giving a damn to NG? When I was, like, 18? I hope this fixes that. Sorta.

Anyways, enough rambling, for this moment, it just feels good to get something out there.

Hope you guys enjoy and keep kickin ass c:

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I truly like what I'm seeing so far. It seems you took inspiration from games like Binding of Isaac, and it looks like that's working out well. I'm interested to see the final product, if you fellas don't kill yourselves making it first. Au revoir

you are going to experience me