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Support Super Knight Quest on Greenlight!

2017-05-11 12:26:09 by squidly

Hey guys,

I'd super appreciate your vote for SKQ on Greenlight!

If you haven't yet, check it out on the front page too!




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2017-05-11 12:55:10

Already did. I'm surprised it still doesn't have enough votes.

(Updated ) squidly responds:

Things are slow :\

Authentic Octopus Game did 500 in a week, this game has been on for a month and hasn't cleared 500 yet :\


2017-05-11 19:44:54

Voted! I like this aesthetic!

squidly responds:

Thank you very much!


2017-05-12 09:52:33

Gotta agree with Matt here; I mean, sure it's got the MSX feel but my word, it looks so cute. <3 I'll try and see if I can't spread the word somewhere, the Audio Forum Lounge maybe.

squidly responds:

It'd be much appreciated, Troi! We need to catch up :D


2017-05-12 10:00:11

Agreed. My data resets tomorrow, but I'm still working on the remake of Mio/Homura, that one piece that has been a sore point for me for the last five years. Set a deadline for Monday the 15th so I can discuss the making of the music video with the full track in the background, etc., etc.

After that, I'd be glad to open up Skype again and have a bit of a meep. <3

squidly responds:

Meep :P


2017-07-15 00:10:13

Hey have you thought about putting second wind on mobile? I would love to have it as a mobile game! Good luck on greenlight!