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Renaine is Live on Kickstarter

2017-09-23 10:05:48 by squidly

SKQ? Forget about it. Renaine is live on Kickstarter :D

We would appreciate your support!




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2017-09-23 16:16:32

There ya go. I'm sorry I can only pledge at the game tier right now. Normally, I can afford to go for the musical tier of a game project.


squidly responds:

Dude. Thank you so much for the donation. Game tier is more than enough, every dollar means a lot, even a share :p


2017-09-23 16:22:08

ah dangit KS doesn't accept Paypal, I'll find a way and pledge tho, the game looks fantastic, and the new name is cool!


2017-09-24 02:58:08

I am backer 21 (game tier). Also tweeted my support
All the best for a successful campaign.

squidly responds:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!