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A little too linear to justify metroidvania but it's decent, why are there holes I can cross over, though? And why can't I reset after dying using the keys? Why do I have to switch to mouse controls?

gamesbynoe responds:

To cross over the big holes you need to find double jump ability. Thank you.

Dammit, I wish you could've kept the old graphics - they were fantastic.

I like how Ario moved, and it was a lot less glitchy.

Well, that's life.

ArioOld responds:

Hello squidly

It was really too bad the original game have not been approved, we were very sad about it, but as you said, "that's life."

Thanks for playing!

What possibly possessed you to use such an awful control scheme?

Anyhow, work on your logo too, that look play listen thing was annoying as all hell. If you want to brand, well, you've already got your users bothered.

As for the game itself, well, when I could play it, it was awfully underwhelming. With bullet shooters you want to be quick, tense, this was just... slow and not all that interesting.

Really well done sprite work, though.

RaveRadbury responds:

We agonized over the control scheme for a while, and we thought this one would work best. Apparently not.

It's not a logo, we're not a brand. It was just something we did for fun and atmosphere. The audio was going for an Earthbound quirky feel. Sorry to hear that you found it annoying.

In response to the awful control scheme we've added a menu option to change the layout to whatever you want.

I don't know what to say in regards to the pacing. It sounds like your browser may have been having some trouble, you may want to try playing it in a different one. Aside from that, if you're attacking the boss, you should eventually finding the game's environment getting faster and more intense.

I hope that you can give it another try and have a much better time than you did the first time.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and provide us with feedback.

For such a great game, why did you skimp on the details?

The UI looks... geeze, that Tournament Chart. It honestly looks like you had too much fun with MSPaint, white background, squares moving around... And the crowd?

See, the problem is that the actual battle system is fantastic - definitely one of the prettier Pokemon Games out there, and recalls Stadium.

If only, IF ONLY, you put more effort into making the REST of the game more acceptable.

teejay-number13 responds:

As I said in the description, some parts of the game were a bit unpolished because I didn't want to spend all summer on it. And what's wrong with the competitors portraits moving around to show the progression through the tournament? As far as the audience, I really did try to find a good image to use, but that was the best I could find.

The rest of the game IS acceptable, but it may not be perfect.

That was not exactly soothing, getting more shakrams for... murdering centipede fish demon things.

Here's the thing: Once you get the three arrows, things get really easy. And you can totally grind for it too.

Anyhow, creative idea, great art style, a bit flawed of an execution. Was a breath of fresh air in the shooter genre.

GuyUngerNL responds:

It's a bit of a mix of differentEastern philosophies, but the theory behind the game makes sense. If you read the intro, you are told that those spirits are materialzition of your emotitons. You meight think just ignoring them takes care of it, but it piles up. in this game it leads to giving you nightmares, making the ground unfertile. In the acctual phylosophy you have to overcome your fears and other emotions instead of letting them stay and pile up in your body in order to open up your chakras. which can make you more "powerfull". thats what you do here but in a bit different form.

You clearly have an original idea here. However, here's the problem: Execution.

You need to make some cleaner levels, here. There seems to be a mess of sprites wherever you go, and your tiny man doesn't seem to have any... character. Look up Red Rogue for a fantastic way to do minimalist art, that's what you need - if, for example, you textured everything to look like a legal document that would be incredibly interesting. For example, having the ground be words (wrapped by a box for visibility's sake) and literally cut the words in half and put them somewhere else.

In other words, keep a small pallet.

Also, stick to your guns. The first level should pretty much introduce cutting and pasting. Not jab it right in your stomach, but you NEED to distinguish yourself here.

Anyways, good idea, sub-par execution. An alright package.

MiscEtc responds:

Thank you for the feedback, squidly! I realize I have plenty of room for improvement, and feedback like this is very helpful. I'll keep what you said in mind in the future.

You know, this is one of those fantastic games that should definitely go mobile - I'd buy it.

This is also why it pays to code in AS3, if you haven't done so.

Fantastic rendition of an originally terrible game, and you don't actually feel like utter crap this time!

bumblebirds responds:

It's made with Haxe and OpenFl actually :)

So I'm not a Doctor Who (no time) fan but I am a game dev, so I'll tear you apart on that.

First off, make sure to have the same resolution for both your background and your foreground. When it comes to Pixel Art, having a blurry background and sharp sprites looks... odd.

As for the minigames, I appreciate what you're trying to do but some of the games seem a little unnecessary. What exactly is the whatchamacallit symbol anyways?

The humor was hit or miss. I chuckled at them pointing to the Dalek with their itty bitty pixel hands, but I guess the rest of it was situational. It seemed some of it was taken right out of the script, which you don't have to do, you know. I'm assuming whoever plays this already watched the special, so regurgitating what they just watched is... well, take advantage of your artistic freedom here :P

Anyways, pretty good for two artists.

Immudelki responds:

Most of the time, pixel resolution is the same, there are somethimes blurry effects though. We try one time to reduce that, not sure we found the right way.. Is that sensation on all the backgrounds or only on some selected ones ?
"whatchamacallit", i suppose you talk about the symbol in the badwolf minigame, too pixellated and not enough introduced in the scene context.. I assume this is what you mean (sorry, i'm not english, I don't mean you're writing bad ^^). So yes, we will add more context and maybe try to make it less pixellated (maybe reducing mini game size..).
Most of the humor was really not taken out of the script, it was really new situations from the original ones. Apart from the FEZ apparition, where we don't even extends on it since the joke was already there in the film, but we try to link it with the new context we added.

We will see that again, more on how giving more originality, without going out too much from doctor who.

Thank you for your feedback :)

In this day and age people don't have the patience to put up with certain things.

Simply put, the difficulty curve in this game is awful. These gears have far too small of a opening and there is no sprint button. Pair that up with a very strong lack of checkpoints, and the first section itself turns you off.

Now, the control scheme. I don't honestly know what kind of reasoning there was for this control scheme, but whatever it was, it doesn't make sense from the get-go and if you require a control pad to make sense of it, well, that's a problem. This is a flash game. There are conventions for how things work. If you don't need a mouse, and this is not a fighting game, the movement keys must be mapped to Up, Down, Left, Right. You can challenge norms all you like, but in the end there is minimal reward for making things artificially frustrating.

As for Jump, unless this is a shooter (it is not) or you can aim up (you can't) then Up is jump.

Also, I am now convinced that JohnnyUtah is only capable of doing a single voice.

deathink responds:

I asked JohnnyUtah to do that voice specifically, so don't say anything about his talent. There is a sprint btn, Press down and you will do a quick slide. As for the curve, its modeled after castelvania so it should be tough... and this isn't even the hard mode. Now for the keys, I play a real lot of fallout so and super meat boy so WASD just feels right to me. Anyway, sorry you didn't enjoy yourself, I really am.

Walking back and forward - the game!

C for effort
F for fun
F for originality
D for redundancy


Brunodev responds:

Thanks. I can see you don't like slender man games :-/




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