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Deserves a better score

The choice of music is great, and there's just a certain thing about beating up Twitter birds and Kanye West, a bit on the hard side, but it should be, I like a challenge.

However, next time around, tell the guy on the mic, or yourself, to speak more clearly.

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Concept and Code is good

However, the game's a bit easy, try making it a bit harder, make things faster, you know? Also, improve the visuals, I'm all for the simple ones, but at least some flash would help you out.

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meman32 responds:

I agree the visuals need help, but how far did you get, it gets hard at 30,000 points, which is very soon after 10,000 the speed at which you get score increases.


Well, how do I put this nicely?
It's just not... well... original, and, well, the graphics kinda suck.

FGFProductions responds:

I know. I might redo one but actually put some effort into it. Yeah I should really change the graphics to better cause yeah. I know they suck. Orginality. I will look into it. (never)

Don't like text based games...

Without even a good interface, I can clearly see you were trying to be like Pandemic, but Pandemic has a good interface, and is a bit deeper, and well, less texty. I can't actually see any work put in to make you actually feel like you're doing something, and stratagies were almost completely impossible to make since you couldn't actually clearly get exactly how things would affect the virus.

Try making things clearer and more organized, and well, look better.

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X6FlashDev responds:

Okay, thanks.
I'll do that.

It's Good, but it's also Bad.

The good part is that the game's well coded, and it has some neat ideas.

The bad part is the fact that the game is WAY too slow, and complete mouse control can get annoying in a game like this, in all honesty, keyboard controls would've been a better idea. Also, you need some sort of music.

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mihailoff responds:

I'll add some speed
I was trying to add keyboard support but that was real hell: sometimes you need long radius, sometimes short. Maybe i'll find solution, i don't know right now.
Music maybe will be later, need to find musician :)
Upd: speed and music


I think I could say that, anyways, this is a hard game, but the upgrades make no sense whatsoever, even more so for me, who lives in the U.S. where we don't play cricket or whatever this is.

Anyways, nicely made, and uh, I think you've figured out the thing about the death animations...

Godammit my EYES!

They hurt... A lot, ow... At least slow the background down, I mean, he's breaking the speed limit, and I don't know that many trash cans that can fly that fast, or cops for the matter, or anyone that can aim at those speeds, anyways the game's still pretty well made.

You're a bit late to the party though, a couple of months late.

JoSilver responds:

sorry about your eyes... I'll see what I can do...

A bit messy in presentation

You really could've worked on it a bit more, I mean, you just used, what looks like, picture cutouts.

Also, the game needs more variety, such as more units, such as horse cavalry, or generals that boast effectiveness, ANYTHING, I mean, seriously.

If you make a game of this type again, note, do not allow everything to be built immediatly, make it so that you have to spend money to make them available, or something.

My favorite thing in this game is the infantry spam, it's possibly one of the funnest infantry spamming I've ever seen in a flash game, with these swarms of guys all making a mad dash.

Another thing though, give the fort and ships less health, it took forever to destroy them, I'm pretty sure a fricking cannon knows how to tear through wood.

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Nice one, I was expecting a hidden meaning, but wow, that's actually pretty clever.

It's all about the good eye

You have to take the building when it's just starting out, and I like those buildings which are just lucky, it's true business in this world.

Except, right now, a more proper game would be you start out with a ton of houses, and all their prices are dropping, and you have to get them all before they become worthless.

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