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What is it with you and bearded men?

Also, why is there a voice actor when there isn't a voice?


No, seriously, I'm going to hell for playing this, nice work though.

Holy Blessed Cows!

There's this feeling you get after you finish a Weisi game, I call it the "Maus-Factor," where the world seems a lot slower and quieter because you just went from insane "Weisi-level" amounts of craziness to your regular life.

This game was amazing, and although it WAS crazy, for once, you could actually see what's going on more clearly, you seemed to have learned how to make everything go boom all at once, yet still make sense of it, a fine accomplishment indeed.

This game is a sequel as it should be, and to think you've made 4 powerfox's, each one better then the last, it's amazing.

I especially liked the genie, I found it an interesting mechanic, although you shouldn't have went with a "higher number is better" type balance, you should've made them equally powerful, but with the source of their power coming from different attributes (such as speed and amount of projectiles vs damage per projectile.)

Anyways, that's just my two cents, good show overall.

Wiesi responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Easy overall

It's a fun little time waster, but the entire thing is pretty easy, even on hard mode, I never died.

You need to put more urgency to the idea that you have to fight these big swarms of enemies, I found myself evading the thick of their forces, and sniping at the top or bottom.

Also, the second boss is the hardest, the third boss is actually the easiest one, I evaded every shot.

Anyways, it was obvious this game wasn't supposed to be a widespanning epic, it's a good little game and does what it does well.

Some sounds, music, a challenge...

Those three would really help, make the game a bit more challenging, for example, make a way for you to actually lose, and if not, then don't make the bar go so high.

Also, for a game that puts music as one of its requirements, I find it interesting that there is none, neither is there sounds or any type of audio at all.

Also, the layout of the room made me cringe, why do you have to go around the bed to get to the iPod?

Good effort, but this is seems rushed.


This just has that randomness and over-exageration that makes it all that more enjoyable.

ThinXIII responds:

haha, thanks man! :D

Adjust your dimensions

Also, fix your hittests, I can litteraly walk right through that lava monster thing.

Good thought, bad execution.

The drawings are amusing, though.

You said it yourself

This is another button game...
Seriously, the least you could do was put in some presentation, some not 5 second drawings and some real text that isn't blocked out by your own drawings.

Blobzone responds:

yeah, ur right, but somehow the font did fuck up, should take sth like "times new roman" or sth........

Somewhat Bland

First off, try making the screen a bit bigger, second off, some variety would be nice. Like powerups or something, or levels and waves, just anything.

I like the little demon guy with the low voice, though.

Well... That was interesting

Great game, great sense of humor, and interesting subject matter.

One thing though, the guy who said that boobs cause earthquakes was Iranian/Persian, not Egyptian.

As for the save system, it really pissed me off, especially when you made paths where you had to either score a heart or a bra, and you couldn't take both.

PahuPahu responds:

He originally was arabian but we changed that for several reasons as well as the name of the game and the enemies in the second setting ... Like said before maybe we will have a deeper look at the reasons for these changes in an upcoming post on our website. :)

Sheer Variety

The amount of it is stagerring in this game, there is nothing more to say.

I can imagine myself replaying this for a bit.

One thing though, instead of automatic attacking with sword wielders, why didn't you do button attacks? I don't know why it's that important, but it just feels more... satisfying.

Anyways, good work.


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