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I'm sick of these games...

Brutal difficulty IS NOT a substitute for any of the following:

1. Innovation

2. Effort

And Most Importantly

3. Fun

Now stop acting like it is.

Not too hard, how I like it.

One thing that always gets me is in those other games, where you completely get confused and it takes ages to find out exactly what you're doing.

Not to say this game is too easy, but it strikes that sweet spot of "just right" in difficulty.

This is good.

Holy Fuck, my eyes!

You might want to be a bit easier on the background.

And uh, I can't replay if I fail.

Thundaboom responds:

Haha yeah, I'm fixing that ;D


That this had to be submitted on Pico day, it actually deserves front page.

Meh, try sending in your next game not close to an NG holiday.

Oh, and I see you used the background from Kirby Super Star Ultra...
Should've made your own, but meh...

I'm just damn sick of these games.

Brutal difficulty is not an excuse for bad game quality, and that's true in Game Maker, and it's also true in shitty fan games made in flash.

Guys, we've all played the damn brutal game, and no, we're not going to try to finish it, and no, we don't care either.

The original I Want To Be The Guy had a unique concept (somewhat) FOR ITS TIME, but now it's a completely different playing field.

Holy shits

You successfully upped the insanity to a maximum!
You put more of everything that kept the original game good, more insane plane take downs, more chain reactions, but you DIDN'T clutter up the game and take from the simple, arcade, fun that made it great in the first place!

This is a worthy sequel to the game that had top 5 for a nice amount of weeks.

Erm, an ad as an ending?

Well, you could consider him crashing into a building as an ending.

I still got a laugh out of the cheesiness and novelty of this game, good work.

Fro responds:

It's kind of suppose to loop. Like he ran into the building and it explains the beginning. :P

A little sloppy, but nice.

I like the concept, and I like the execution, to a point.
Some things you never explained and was hard to get at first, such as the shotgun reload thing, I thought that was some sort of melee move, explaining these things is always a plus.

However, the game was good in general.

McRhyme responds:

I guess some more instructions would have helped the average player! It's quite technical if you want to get far into the game.

Oh wow.

You had me there for a second...
Good buildup to the eventual spam reveal.

Oh God was that repetative.

This has the makings of something good, but it just repeated itself over and over.

Add some more robot variation, make the fast and weak types and the slow and strong types, do anything to just make this game more intrested.

Allow booby traps or powerups or upgrades or SOMETHING.

Just add some variation.

Good game, but holy snaps is it repetitive.




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