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This game took a year to make?


Just because you've got the guy following the mouse this time around, doesn't subtract from the fact that it's the same thing we've seen 1,000 times before.

You know what? Drop the mouse avoider altogether, will you?

KyleDaFox responds:

Calm down lol, I made a level a day on and off.


Go Fatman go!
This game is certainly a new twist on regular games.
However, I found numerous times I couldn't jump directly up or any real sharp upwards direction, was that on purpose?

I mean, I don't even budge.

Anyways, the whole jumping and fat-a-ranging mechanic was very well executed otherwise, and the game had a very good sense of humor (with great music, and the fat signal in the background was a nice touch.)

Good work.


Maybe it's just because I don't get it, but I've been trying and trying, but my conclusion is this game's simply frustrating.

The physics are wonky, the propeller is ridiculously weak, and the grappling hook is too hard to aim for its own good.

This game has promise, but in its current state, it's just frustrating.

bateleur responds:

Any chance I could ask for more detail on where the physics is off? If there are problems there I'd like to play with alternative solutions.

(The propeller is intentionally weak since if you could actually fly around with it the levels would be far too easy! Of course, still not good that you find it annoying, but I thought it worth mentioning...)

I never died.

Game isn't challenging to the least bit, rage is too easy to get, and way too easy to maintain. Additionally, the power up and weapon spam basically makes the game the matter of spamming shots and you win.

Additionally, there is no reason NOT to invest in damage, because your default health is good enough for the entire game.

Btw, I think I killed the final boss in 30 seconds or less.

Next time around, make default stats crappier, especially in health, don't spam power ups so much, and higher the exp requirements.

Nice game overall, lacks some visual polish though with power-ups appearing in odd places and such.

Lacks Polish

I can clearly see the effort put in this game, but it simply does just lack a bunch of polish.

For one thing, the music for battles has to be started manually, AND it doesn't stop if you return to the menu.

For a second thing, the music stops altogether if you accidentally click the "choose a location" button without first picking a place.

Third thing, I don't know why, but the whole location changing system bothers me in presentation, at least make them highlight or something.

This is a good game, however, it just needed some polish.

Props on the medal and leaderboard system, though.

C01 responds:

Gah. I have to be honest, I began to rush at the end. And thats why it lacks the polish. I was getting sick of making this so I rushed to complete it and get it out and into the portal. Thanks for the tips though, I'll see if I can fix some of these things.

That's pretty inneficiant.

You don't have to make 63 frames for bullets >.<
Haven't you heard of dynamic text?

Otherwise, this is pretty ok.

vogxhamraks responds:

well i forgot sorry but tell me hows the tut helping?

Why do I have 1 life?

The healthbar is really deceptive here, it says I've got three lives, except as soon as I lose one, I keep respawning in the area I died, making me die repeatedly and loose ALL my lives.

Fix that, put down checkpoints, don't make somebody respawn where they died.

Otherwise, the game isn't bad, you could do some sort of dino death animation instead of making them disappear, but otherwise, the art's pretty ok.

Good work, if you had a time limit, and I have a question.
Exactly what awesome class asked you to make a game about vikings killing dinosaurs and zombie dinosaurs?

JoshuaAbate responds:

It was for a computer science class. We needed to create a game with a school theme and our mascot is a viking.

If this game gets front paged...

Then it'll deserve it 100%, this game is challenging, and it's pretty damn realistic about how gun combat REALLY works, additionally, the graphics are pretty good.

However, for one reason or another, Pop's is probably the worst drawn character in the game, which is a shame because people won't look at the game that well if the title character looks... awkward.

However, there's a very nice amount of innovation, especially the shaky gunning when you're running, however, controls are somewhat unresponsive when you're trying to stop running.

A blast to play!

Just some chat and proper name identification really would help :D

And uh, some moderating tools wouldn't hurt either.

Artsy, but Glitchy

The fact that I could jump BEHIND the tank, and only died because I felt like it, says something about the difficulty/stability of this game.

Speed up the tank, make it hurt you on collision, and make the missiles faster.

Also, a highscore board would help, but only after you fix the above, or else we'd have some pretty wild scores.

And exactly what does the mushrooms and whatnot do anyways?


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