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Good execution and effort.

But absolutaly no originiality.
Reminds me of end war, and too much of the same units we've seen before. Also, the superpowers don't have any difference (or any noticeable difference.) You could have at least gave them a special unit, or made them look noticeably different. It would add a whole new depth of strategy...
Make Russian tanks, defenses and super units stronger then all, U.S. ground troops, navy stronger, airforce, and support powers stronger, and Chinese Units weaker, but cheaper, and give them a higher unit max.

belugerin responds:

Well, you give me some idea, I will try to improve it as your feedbacks at next few days. Thank you for review.

And now, your feedback in the game, thanks.

What was this supposed to be?

Improve your interface, all I saw was three pictures, you click on them and you get a crappy I don't know what it is.

That really was a great game.

It got pretty graphically intensive and slowed down, but you never noticed it until after the ship fight, and the one on one dual with the pirate. But the controls were good (except for the annoying raft stage, but I see how hard it is to think up a control scheme for that level is.)

And ummm.... what was that ending supposed to be?
Well... I guess this is newgrounds, anything can happen.

Can't give you any compliments.

But I can't give any crtisizms neither, except for that it's too short.

I like the humor and art though.

Pretty Simple.

But hard to master, good job on this.

casinojack responds:

Thanks. There's a million and one things I thought of that could vastly improve the game, but as I mentioned it was just something to whittle away a few hours while on the train.

Thank's for doing this.

After the brutal difficulty of Days of Ruin (which I still haven't finished) it was really nice for somebody to make a game that was like the old Advance Wars and not a copy, since it was more of a fan game. And all the graphics look well drawn, good work.

You've revived the beat em' up!

You sir, are one of the greatest contributers to the flash world for this deed. I hope to see more beat em' ups in the future, I really do miss them, might even make my own if I have time...

Well back to the point, you are amazing in every sense, congratulations on this game, though still a bit glitchy (on the elevator stage, guys walking to place where you can't hit them) this is still amazing. And I like the kirby-like eating mechainic, really unique and I don't remember it ever happening in the flash world.

Good job.

I-smel responds:

Thanks. I don't I've seen a Kirby-like Flash either.

There's very few beat-em-ups like this out there because they're SO DAMN HARD to make. I've tried an failed this kind of game a lot o times.

The Flash strategy genre is forever changed.

That may either be good or bad.

On the good side you've certainly made an excellent game that deserves game of the month, and will be a new benchmark for future flash strategy games.

On the bad side now ammature strategy game makers (such as myself) will have a hard time getting games through the portal with a good enough score because of people making numerous future comparisons to this game right here.

Good job, but the effects of this game will be devastating, unless people will realize that not all people are masters of flash, and grade submissions on their concept.

I certainly am going to think up something revolutionary to compete with this game, and that may just be the momentum I need.

Again, this is a job well done.

The-Swain responds:

The good news for people who don't want to make really involved Flash games is that casual always wins on Flash. This game will be fun for many, but only the truly innovative yet simple games will be fun for all. That's what you should aim for ;) And me too, while I'm at it.

How like old 1981 one game it was.

I loved the ending.

Pretty good.

Good for a quick test of your mouse skills, but you need some highscores, and that would make this game better, and maybe some permanent obstacles (barrels on the street, car going out of control, police chasing you for going over the speed limit?) It would add some variety.

Good amount of effort.
Good job.




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