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Minimal effort was spent on this, I swear.
Horrible frame rate.
No actual graphics.
And just a shitty game all around.

You're not getting MY vote protection.

Tons of presentation issues.

The game lagged like crap, that's one thing.
The other thing, the game just wasn't fun, you barely had any bullets and it felt like you weren't doing anything, worst of all, the music looped horribly.

But it was a good effort... Kinda.

Now THIS is original.

Clever blend between strategy and action, a really nicely made game.

It's all bots.

Took me 30 seconds to realise that, but clever post choices make it harder to tell, unlike some other fake chat things I've seen.

Good job though.

evan210 responds:


Eh, I don't get the acheivmants.

How am I supposed to unlock them?

Anyways, really great game, lots of style.
This game deserves front page in my opinion.

Just add a description for the achievement so people know how to unlock them.

iojoe responds:

Thanks for the feedback squidly. I might add in some info/clues on the achievements as you suggest.

For now though:

10 levels. no problem: beat ten levels
freedom of speech: let the moles have their say
viewed 'em: ......credits
pacifism: when you get a hammer you have a choice
7 flavors served: make each of the ice-creams count

Hope that helps :)

Stpp skinning the same damn game!

I swear, every game you make is EXACTLY like the last one, and there's absolutaly no innovativity, no cool weapons, no exotic ideas, no enemy variation, it's just the same damn game with a new skin!

It's a nice engine, but you're overusing it.

Cool Game, Bro

I liked it when I had to fight that giant enemy crab at the end, who knew that typing "massive damage" fifty times in a row in 3 seconds would be so easy? I mean, after I learned to type at the speed of sound, it did kinda get a bit too easy.

However, the part with the 1,000,001 mushrooms was fricking impossible, the only hard part of the game, and that was the first level!


Now it's the other way around...

Intelligent Systems should be talking some stuff out of YOUR book. This game has evolved beyond the typical AW clone it used to be.

I mean, these units are probably the most intresting ones I've ever seen.

It really is a shocker that AW still doesn't have any mobile bases.

Anyways, good job, it's strange being blue attacking the reds, I'm so used to it being the other way around! But it's also cool using Acadian units.

However, no offense, but the music gets a bit repetitive, I mean, seriously, haven't you been using the same exact tracks since the beginning of time? I highly suggest you get some new tracks, or, what would be cool, is that you do it like AW, where each faction has its own music, maybe that's a tall order, but it would be cool.

Directions really aren't clear at all.

First of all, they're pretty much hidden in your authors comments, and second of all, they don't actually work, I don't get this game...

A bit glitchy

As in enemies don't respawn, so when he asks you to "kill all bandits" you can't really do it, since they don't respawn.

The game's still good, from what I've seen, really, A-Class work here.


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