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So I'm not a Doctor Who (no time) fan but I am a game dev, so I'll tear you apart on that.

First off, make sure to have the same resolution for both your background and your foreground. When it comes to Pixel Art, having a blurry background and sharp sprites looks... odd.

As for the minigames, I appreciate what you're trying to do but some of the games seem a little unnecessary. What exactly is the whatchamacallit symbol anyways?

The humor was hit or miss. I chuckled at them pointing to the Dalek with their itty bitty pixel hands, but I guess the rest of it was situational. It seemed some of it was taken right out of the script, which you don't have to do, you know. I'm assuming whoever plays this already watched the special, so regurgitating what they just watched is... well, take advantage of your artistic freedom here :P

Anyways, pretty good for two artists.

Immudelki responds:

Most of the time, pixel resolution is the same, there are somethimes blurry effects though. We try one time to reduce that, not sure we found the right way.. Is that sensation on all the backgrounds or only on some selected ones ?
"whatchamacallit", i suppose you talk about the symbol in the badwolf minigame, too pixellated and not enough introduced in the scene context.. I assume this is what you mean (sorry, i'm not english, I don't mean you're writing bad ^^). So yes, we will add more context and maybe try to make it less pixellated (maybe reducing mini game size..).
Most of the humor was really not taken out of the script, it was really new situations from the original ones. Apart from the FEZ apparition, where we don't even extends on it since the joke was already there in the film, but we try to link it with the new context we added.

We will see that again, more on how giving more originality, without going out too much from doctor who.

Thank you for your feedback :)

Things to improve upon:

1. Drowning in water checkpoint should be based on where you were standing last.

2. If the boss is a grind, ease the grind. There's no added challenge once you realize that the way to kill this guy is to just stand in the corner and shoot.

3. Allow the player to skip the boss cutscene, or give a checkpoint closer to the boss door.

4. For the love of god, increase the resolution. Or allow the player to expand the window, which is an option that NG allows.

All around it killed an hour. Should not have killed an hour.

In this day and age people don't have the patience to put up with certain things.

Simply put, the difficulty curve in this game is awful. These gears have far too small of a opening and there is no sprint button. Pair that up with a very strong lack of checkpoints, and the first section itself turns you off.

Now, the control scheme. I don't honestly know what kind of reasoning there was for this control scheme, but whatever it was, it doesn't make sense from the get-go and if you require a control pad to make sense of it, well, that's a problem. This is a flash game. There are conventions for how things work. If you don't need a mouse, and this is not a fighting game, the movement keys must be mapped to Up, Down, Left, Right. You can challenge norms all you like, but in the end there is minimal reward for making things artificially frustrating.

As for Jump, unless this is a shooter (it is not) or you can aim up (you can't) then Up is jump.

Also, I am now convinced that JohnnyUtah is only capable of doing a single voice.

deathink responds:

I asked JohnnyUtah to do that voice specifically, so don't say anything about his talent. There is a sprint btn, Press down and you will do a quick slide. As for the curve, its modeled after castelvania so it should be tough... and this isn't even the hard mode. Now for the keys, I play a real lot of fallout so and super meat boy so WASD just feels right to me. Anyway, sorry you didn't enjoy yourself, I really am.


Now, if only you had put in more then one 0 point medal :P

But seriously, this raises the bar for Flash Games. This is the kind of game I thought was dead, the flash game with some love put into it. You've proven me wrong, hopefully others will follow suit.

Here's my thoughts:

1. Cute Artstyle, wish there was more location variety, you would have done well with some more "level design" in terms of prettying it up a bit, flowers, lakes, etc.

2. Intuitive, but flawed, gameplay: Allow a button to speed up/slow down the rate which your wheel spins, or allow it in the options menu, I found myself constantly wanthing a faster response.

3. Speaking of response, give these suckers a bit more health. I found myself sending them only to have them get knocked out instantly. Maybe let them still attack when their meter is going down at the risk of having them knocked out.

4. Clipping through the environment doesn't make for sensible gameplay. The fact that my little guys can just clip through the wall and get the key doesn't make much sense. What you should do is have a "jumping" animation in their initial burst, when they hit the floor they can no longer clip through environments until recalled, when they jump again.

That's just my thoughts, A for effort, though :D

I'll be honest, I did not have fun playing this game.

Here's the deal: When making a metroidvania, especially one that deals with guns and platforming (all of them) here are a few basic guidelines:

1. Always assume people want to sprint. Turn it on, always.
2. Nobody likes a slow gun.
3. All enemies must be animated (this is a general thing for all games, actually.)

For you, it was:

1. The sprint button was annoying, and it made platforming a chore. Especially because the jump and sprint buttons were next to each other. At least make holding down the shoot button make you run faster.

2. Your gun was painfully slow. Even from the get-go your first gun needs to at least have some speed to it. Feel free to increase enemy health as long as it just feels like my gun is more responsive.

3. Your bats looked like what I used to put in my crappy GameMaker games.

Otherwise, this game has potential.

If you ever decide to make another game of this genre, keep those ideas in mind. I think CaveStory is required playing if you're gonna make a Metroidvania, so go play that, it's free and will teach you a lot about how to make things feel "right."

Aww geeze, I can just imagine the work put into this. It certainly paid off, however, and the wonderful easter eggs keep it fresh. You really are a talented animator who might not have a soul, according to how much work was put into this game, but sometimes that's a good thing, right :?

I really wish you would have gone for a more terrifying appearance of the demons. This game was just short of giving me a jump. Good game nevertheless.

Walking back and forward - the game!

C for effort
F for fun
F for originality
D for redundancy


Brunodev responds:

Thanks. I can see you don't like slender man games :-/

Simply fantastic.


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