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Some things to consider:

1. Demo's aren't allowed for the most part on NG.

2. Change the layout to make it look like the actual games (if you want.)

3. Get in some sounds.

Nice start, though.

Powerfull responds:

1. Yeah, I'm sorry. I saw that as I already typed the description and had everything ready for uploading. I didn't want to put that time to waste so I just uploaded it. I will remove it if I'm told.

2. I'm planning to do that.

3. Definitely. Seems like people really want the sounds. Maybe that'll be the first thing I do.

Thank you. Hope I'll be able to get a finished version with in a few years.

That's pretty inneficiant.

You don't have to make 63 frames for bullets >.<
Haven't you heard of dynamic text?

Otherwise, this is pretty ok.

vogxhamraks responds:

well i forgot sorry but tell me hows the tut helping?

If it's a demo

Don't send it...
That's the rule.

It's a cool start, reminds of early 2000's flash games on this site, but still...

Why do I have 1 life?

The healthbar is really deceptive here, it says I've got three lives, except as soon as I lose one, I keep respawning in the area I died, making me die repeatedly and loose ALL my lives.

Fix that, put down checkpoints, don't make somebody respawn where they died.

Otherwise, the game isn't bad, you could do some sort of dino death animation instead of making them disappear, but otherwise, the art's pretty ok.

Good work, if you had a time limit, and I have a question.
Exactly what awesome class asked you to make a game about vikings killing dinosaurs and zombie dinosaurs?

JoshuaAbate responds:

It was for a computer science class. We needed to create a game with a school theme and our mascot is a viking.

If this game gets front paged...

Then it'll deserve it 100%, this game is challenging, and it's pretty damn realistic about how gun combat REALLY works, additionally, the graphics are pretty good.

However, for one reason or another, Pop's is probably the worst drawn character in the game, which is a shame because people won't look at the game that well if the title character looks... awkward.

However, there's a very nice amount of innovation, especially the shaky gunning when you're running, however, controls are somewhat unresponsive when you're trying to stop running.

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Finally, some chat...

Real chat, more specifically.
And you've also got Wade's backing, that's nice.

Good work.

However, you need some layout cleaning, make buttons look like they're getting clicked when you click them, and put a marker for where your text color is currenty on that rainbow.

And uh, why is cap's not honored in this chat?

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A blast to play!

Just some chat and proper name identification really would help :D

And uh, some moderating tools wouldn't hurt either.

I found this amusing.

Of course, without the actual effort put into the presentation (aside from the games themselves, I'm actually talking about the menu) and the obvious humor, I'd blam this to hell.

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Tis a Shame

That this won't be complete, it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

It just needed some polishing here and polishing there, for example, telling us that we're supposed to press that pokeball down there, and highering the frame rate significantly.

This game would've been SO good, but I understand your feelings of not being able to finish it, I can barely finish anything either...

But anyways, the effort here shows.

Artsy, but Glitchy

The fact that I could jump BEHIND the tank, and only died because I felt like it, says something about the difficulty/stability of this game.

Speed up the tank, make it hurt you on collision, and make the missiles faster.

Also, a highscore board would help, but only after you fix the above, or else we'd have some pretty wild scores.

And exactly what does the mushrooms and whatnot do anyways?

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